State of the art open die free forgings manufactured using the latest presses in the world.


  • Forged Shells, Drums, Discs, Tubesheets, Tubesheets with Hubs, Drilled, Claded
  • Girth Flanges, Nozzles, Integral Channel Tubesheet, Channel Cover, Nozzle Neck, Self-Reinforced Nozzles, Inclined Nozzles.
  • Shafts, Rotor Forgings, Retaining Rings, Components for Turbines, Compressors, Generators.


  • Free Forgings on Press
    • Outside Ø: 4400 mm    
    • Length: 20 meters      
    • Weight: 90 tons         
    • Shafts: max length 20 meters
  • Tubesheets/Disc
    • Outside Ø: 5800 mm     
    • Thick: min. 90 mm       
    • Weight: 120 tons
  • Seamless Forged Rings
    • Outside Ø: 8000 mm     
    • Height: 2500mm           
    • Weight: 50 tons


ASME, ASTM, API, DIN, EN – SA 266, SA 182, SA 756


Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex and Super Duplex, Nickel Alloys, Titanium. Clad and Weld Overlay. F1, F5, F9, F11, F12, F22, F22V. Complete Range of Chrome Moly Steels such 13CrMo, 20MnMo55 etc